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What is favicon.ico format?

The favicon.ico format is a small but significant element in web design. It is a file format used for creating and displaying icons associated with a website. Favicon.ico stands for "favorite icon," as it was originally intended to be displayed in the favorites or bookmarks menu of web browsers.

This format supports multiple sizes and resolutions, allowing the icon to be displayed consistently across different devices and platforms. The favicon.ico file is typically placed in the root directory of a website, making it easily accessible for browsers to locate and display.

Favicons serve various purposes, such as enhancing brand recognition, improving user experience, and providing visual cues for bookmarked websites. They can also appear in browser tabs, address bars, and other areas where icons are displayed.

In summary, the favicon.ico format is an essential component of web design that helps websites establish their identity and improve user engagement. By utilizing this format effectively, website owners can create visually appealing icons that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

How to use Favicon through URL?

You can use a favicon via URL using <link> tag. Place the following code in <head> of the HTML page. Replace [FAVICON_URL] with the URL of your favicon.

<link rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" href="[FAVICON_URL]">