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GigaBit to GigaByte Converter

Convert GigaBits to GigaBytes and vice versa with speed and accuracy

What is GigaByte?

A gigabyte (GB) is a unit of digital information equal to 1 billion bytes. It is commonly used to measure the size of files, storage capacities, and data transfer rates. Gigabytes are frequently employed in computing contexts, such as describing the capacity of computer memory, hard drives, or the size of digital files, including documents, images, and videos. The gigabyte is part of the metric system, where each gigabyte consists of 1,000 megabytes or 1,000,000,000 bytes.

What is GigaBit?

A gigabit (Gb) is a unit of digital information equal to 1 billion bits. It is commonly used to express data transfer rates, network speeds, or storage capacities, where higher gigabit values indicate increased transmission or storage capabilities. Gigabits are widely utilized in the field of telecommunications, networking, and digital media to measure the volume of data that can be transmitted or stored over a given period, often associated with high-speed internet connections and advanced data transfer technologies.

Table of common GigaBit to GigaByte conversions
1 GigaBit1.25e-7 GigaBytes
2 GigaBits2.5e-7 GigaBytes
3 GigaBits3.75e-7 GigaBytes
4 GigaBits5e-7 GigaBytes
5 GigaBits6.25e-7 GigaBytes
6 GigaBits7.5e-7 GigaBytes
7 GigaBits8.75e-7 GigaBytes
8 GigaBits0.000001 GigaBytes
9 GigaBits0.000001125 GigaBytes
10 GigaBits0.00000125 GigaBytes

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